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We are an Shiatsu therapy clinic in "Harajuku / Kitasando", Shibuya, Tokyo.
"SHIATSU" is most effective as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, plenty of sleep, regular exercise, working toward meaningful goals, and taking the time to laugh and find joy in life.Shiatsu requires no special equipment, has no side effects, and can be used on anyone from children to the elderly.

"SOTAI" is a movement therapy that was invented in Japan to heal your body naturally. The basic concept of SOTAI is “Movement that you feel good is good for your body”. The aim of SOTAI treatment is to help the body restore and maintain its natural balance. Then eliminate the pain in the back, neck, shoulders, etc. You will experience very new feeling after the SOTAI.


Kensuke Suzuki
Japanese national qualification "Practitioner of Shiatsu therapy" holder.
amiken shiatsu
Born in Osaka. Spent childhood in UK and US.
Great-grandson of Dr Keizo Hashimoto who invented SOTAI.
He is working to the dissemination of SOTAI to overseas. especially Spain , Portugal , Italy and other countries of Europe.
SOTAI international forum

Session Flow

1)Body check and interview
We will check your body posture, joint mobility, or pain condition.

Change clothes into loose, comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement will be suitable for sessions. we are preparing change of clothes for the guests.You may bring your own T-shirts and shorts, if you want. Please remove accessories and tight stockings for your better relaxation.

Namikoshi shiatsu with akitomo kobayashi 3)Guidance


Regular Session:6,000yen (60min)
Delux Session:8,000yen(90min)

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503 Shuwa Jingu Residence , 3-3-16 Sendagaya , Shibuya , Tokyo, JAPAN.
Clinic hours: 10:00AM - 20:00PM
*Appointment Only syuwa residence

How to access from Harajuku Station(7min)

How to access from Sendagaya Station(12min)

How to access from Kitasando Station(5min)